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Cerutti”2” fish cakes with a fresh herb sauce £6.95

Crab Fritters with Saffron Mayonnaise £8.95

Whitebait £5.95

Smoked Haddock, Poached Egg and crispy Parma Ham served with Hollandaise Sauce (gf) £9.95

Courgette and Feta Salad (gf) £6.25

Scallops and King Prawns in Garlic Butter on a Soft Croute £11.75

Avocado, Bacon and warm Stilton Salad (gf) £7.95

Pan Fried King Scallops, Black Pudding with Curried Cauliflower Puree £11.45

Soup of the Day (gf) £4.75

Deep fried Goujons of Plaice, deep fried Parsley served with Tartar Sauce £7.95

Melon served with fresh fruit £5.95/Parma Ham (gf) £7.95

Pan Fried King Prawns, Coconut and Coriander leaf sauce, Rice Noodles (gf) £10.95

Seared Scallops, Mango and Chilli Jam, Lemon Creme Fraiche (gf) £11.45

Baked Mushrooms on a bed of Fresh Spinach with a Stilton Sauce (gf) £5.95

Scottish Smoked Salmon (gf) £10.95

All prices include vat

Some of our products contain Allergenic ingredients; therefore please ask a member of staff for further information


Cerutti “2” Fish Grill including Shellfish £23.20

Halibut Fromage (gf) £21.95
Poached Halibut with Parmesan, Dijon Mustard and Cream

Monkfish Saltimbocca, Linguine and crispy Sage £21.75

Smoked Haddock Florentine (gf) £17.95
Poached Smoked Haddock on fresh Spinach and Glazed with a Cheese Sauce

Paprika Baked Haddock, creamed Leeks and hot Garlic Smoked Salmon (gf) £16.50

Fillet Steak with Garlic Mushrooms or Stilton Sauce topped with Crispy Parma Ham (gf) £23.95

Citrus Chicken, Basil and Honey Sauce, Vegetable Spaghetti (gf) £15.95

Fillet of Salmon, Parmesan and Almond Crust, Beetroot and Ginger Sauce (gf) £16.50

Monkfish Pondicherry (gf) £21,75
Lightly curried medallions of Monkfish finished with Cream and served with Rice

Fillet Steak Voronoff (gf) £23.95
Sauce Dijon mustard, Port and Cream

Panfried King Scallops, Prawns and Monkfish finished with Garlic, Chilli and Herb Butter (gf) £21.75

Cerutti “2″ battered Haddock with Mushy Peas £16.50

Risotto of the Day with fresh Parmesan (gf) £14.95

Chicken with Mango (gf) £15.95
Lightly curried chicken breast with mango chutney and cream

Halibut “C” £21.95
Grilled Halibut with king prawns

All main courses served with fresh vegetables and homemade chips/new potatoes
Fresh Spinach £2.95 Fresh Asparagus £2.95 Rocket and Parmesan Salad £2.95 Mixed Salad £2.95

All prices include vat

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