A La Carte Menu



Creamy Fish Soup £6.95

Whitebait £5.95

Cerutti’s Fish Cakes served with herb sauce £6.95

Parma Ham and Melon £6.75

King Prawns in garlic butter £10.95

Individual Goat’s Cheese and caramelised onion tart on seasonal leaves £8.95

Char Grilled Scallops on a crayfish sauce with puff pastry fleurons £11.95

Cold Verrine of Seafood Salad £8.95

Smoked Salmon £8.95

Sauteed Scallops wrapped in parma ham served on a large garlic field mushroom £11.95

Monkfish, Scallop and King Prawn in garlic butter served on a soft toasted croute £11.95

Goujons of Smoked Haddock in tempura batter with saffron mayonnaise £8.95

If you have a small appetite you can always choose two starters. All of the starters are also available as a main course option.
Our dishes may contain nuts or flour. Please notify a member of staff of any food allergies or special requirements. Please be aware of our daily specials on the blackboard.



Fillet Steak – Voronoff – Diane – Au Poivre – Bearnaise £22.95

Halibut Fromage – baked halibut with cream, parmesan cheese and dijon mustard £20.95

Duo of Sea Bass and Sea Bream poached with asparagus and glazed in a thermidor sauce £18.95

Smoked Haddock Florentine – poached smoked haddock on a bed of spinach and glazed in a cheese sauce £17.95

Grilled Plaice Fillets topped with deep fried smoked salmon and rocket £17.95

Sauteed Salmon, Halibut and King Prawns with ginger, garlic and basil leaves served with a spring onion hollandaise £19.95

Cerutti’s Fish Grill £19.95

Curried Monkfish on fresh spinach garnished with poached mussels £20.95

Medallions of Monkfish in tempura batter with a chilli dipping sauce £20.95

Baked Escalope of Salmon with a horseradish crust and a creamy chive sauce £18.95

Halibut ‘C’ – pan fried halibut with scallops and prawns £20.95

Cerutti’s Rich Man’s Fish Stew – boneless pieces of fish and shellfish poached in crayfish sauce, garnished with mussels £20.95


New Potatoes, Rice, Saute Potatoes, Homemade Chips, Fresh Spinach, Vegetables of the Day

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